The Basic Antimicrobial Stewardship Training Program - 2019 consists of four parts: the first three are required, online, knowledge-based programs designed for practitioners initially getting involved in antimicrobial stewardship:

  • Module 1 "Setting the Stage to be a Steward" consists of seven required lessons; 
  • Module 2 "The Stewardship Roadmap" consists of six required lessons; 
  • Module 3 consists of seven elective lessons. The participant must complete at least 3 electives; additional electives may be completed (and CE earned) if the participant pays an additional fee of $25 per lesson. 
There are quizzes for each of the lessons and the learner must take and pass each one with a grade of 80% or better to complete a module or elective. 

Evaluation: Learners must indicate participation and complete all relevant fields of the evaluation to claim CE credit for this activity.

The final part of the program is a practical component or "Practicum," in which the learner completes a stewardship project/initiative at their place of practice. Guidelines for completing the practicum and typical examples here at

When all four parts have been successfully completed, a certificate of completion is awarded but continuing education credits can be claimed at any time.